Implimented Projects

Donors, Mayor and City Councilors plus ACSA Staff excited for the new Borehole

The Hoima city Mayor, American Donors after launching a Community water borehole in Hoima West Division; pose for a photo with children in thanks for the water provided in the village/cell

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Our Programms

Promotion of renewable energy initiatives

ACSA envisions that traditional biomass energy use has serious environmental drawbacks.

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Water Access, Supply and Affordability

ACSA believes that water is a source of life and affects almost every area of human coexistence....

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Environment, Extractives and Climate Justice Governance.

ACSA has embarked on oil, gas, and other mineral resources, as some of the opportunities available to transform the country to middle-income status by 2030....

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Promoting Environment Conservation, Community Health, Safety and Security

ACSA recognizes that project activities, equipment, and infrastructure can increase community exposure to risks and impacts....

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Incorporating Climate Change into ACSA’s Development Efforts

Climate change can be seen and felt everywhere, but ACSA’s effects are greater in some parts of the world than others. .....

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Promoting a Sustainable Hoima City Programme

Hoima City cherishes Sustainable and inclusive industrialization which provides opportunities for developing synergies, such as decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation .....

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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Conservation

ACSA Understands Biodiversity as a global public good, which involves environmental services of global Importance, such as carbon sequestration in forests, the potential use of biodiversity .....

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Let's Strive to have a good environment

ACSA Conserving a prestine eco-system.

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