Our Objectives

  1. Protect, restore Ecosystem, and promote sustainable use of Natural Resources
  2. Achieve sustainable results at the economic, social, and environmental levels
  3. Promote Biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of living natural resources
  4. Promote social economic transformation for the Vulnerable communities’ including the youth and women
  5. Promote respect for indigenous peoples including Human rights, dignity, aspirations, Culture, knowledge, practices and Sustainable culturally appropriate development benefits and opportunities.
  6. Promote Livelihood diversification of affected communities in the development-oriented initiatives.
  7. Promote research for Development
  8. Promote clean energy to ensure Community health, safety, and security.
  9. Promote the Protection and preservation of cultural heritage, including Promotion of equitable sharing of cultural heritage benefits
  10. Promote innovative Energy strategies as needed to ensure long-term success and sustainability of alternative Energy Technologies
  11. Provide Alternative development policies, strategies, and programmes for Sustainable development.

Let's Strive to have a good environment

ACSA Conserving a prestine eco-system.

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